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Study shows that long periods of sitting can lead to dementia

Your dementia risk is highest if you sit for longer than this each day

Researchers explore the link between sedentary behavior and dementia

What older adults do while they sit affects dementia risk, study finds

Study shows air pollution reduces benefits of exercise on the brain

Could Near-Infrared Light Give Aging Brains a Boost?

UA Researchers Study Effects of Near-Infrared Light on Aging Brains

FIGURING IT OUT: Diagnosing Alzheimer's easier, treating it isn't

Unlocking the Answers to Questions Behind Alzheimer's Disease (episode 174)

Arizona Alzheimer's Disease Center awarded $3.7 million grant to slow, halt disease

UA Center Receives Funding for Alzheimer's Research

UA psychologist to lead new Core effort of Arizona Alzheimer's Disease Center

UA researchers suggest that human brains evolved to need exercise

​​Hunter-gatherer Ancestry May Be Why Our Brains Need Exercise, Psychology Today

UA Research: Brains Evolved to Need Exercise, UA News

Article on new adaptive capacity model of brain aging receives attention in the press.

Exercise Counteracts Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's, Scientific American

Runners' Brains May Develop More Connectivity, Psychology Today

The Annual Conference on Successful Aging featured on Metro Week  (minute 19, 21seconds)

Study Shows Young Runners Have Stronger Brain Connections, Runner's World

Imaging Myelin: Shining a Light on Early Alzheimer’s Pathology?, ALZFORUM

Running as the Thinking Person’s Sport, New York Times

What Our Ancestors Can Teach Us About Exercise, Alzheimer's and Human Longevity, UA News

Runners' Brains May Be More Connected, Research Shows, UA News

UA Partners on Study to Improve Cognition in Older Adults, UA News

Scientists Study the Effects of Aging on the Brain, Arizona Illustrated

From Raichlen et al., 2016
From Raichlen et al., 2016
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